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Your fertility, preconception, pregnancy and postpartum care with Natalia and Caesar at Alté View is going to be different from that of many other healthcare providers or clinics that you've tried in the past. We are a small, private, family-owned and operated multi-specialty practice on Long Island, New York. Here you will always be treated one-on-one by the same compassionate and skilled therapist that knows you and your treatment plan. We use a multidisciplinary approach for the most optimal results, and every session with us is personal and individualized to meet your specific needs. We make our patients feel welcomed and treat them like family, and we always answer all of their questions and concerns. 

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Q & A

How Are We Different from Other Providers?

Alté View is a boutique private practice in Great Neck that specializes in infertility, pregnancy, postpartum care and weight management. For your convenience, we offer both, in-clinic and virtual visits. Unlike other fertility providers and clinics, we have a holistic, comprehensive approach to treating infertility and preparing you and your partner for conception. We offer Nutrition, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and Personal Training with Pilates in one place to help you save time and money, conceive faster and have a healthy baby. While we offer multiple services, our program is very flexible and depends on your needs and goals. 

How Much Time Will I Spend with the Therapist at Alté View? 

You will spend 100% of your time with a licensed healthcare provider/therapist. A single initial evaluation is usually about 60 minutes and follow up sessions are on average 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your specific needs and goals. One patient's treatment plan is very different from another, but they are always flexible, individualized, and goal-oriented. You are unique and your treatment plan will be personalized and tailored specifically to you.

When Should I See an Alté View Therapist?

Alté View will work with you if you want to prepare for conception (natural or via ART), have a successful and healthy pregnancy,  or need postpartum nutrition care and weight management. We see patients who have difficulty conceiving, want to improve their egg and sperm quality, have a diagnosis of infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, low AMH, high FSH, low ovarian reserve, or experienced a pregnancy loss or a failed IVF/IUI. We help patients getting ready for eggs collection by optimizing their eggs' quality and, thereby, achieving better outcomes. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you.

How Are We Able to Combine Nutrition, Acupuncture, and Personal Training into One Treatment Program?

Alté View is a private, family-owned clinic, which allows us to work with patients on an individual basis in order to customize their ideal treatment program. Unlike other providers, each therapist at Alté View is multi-disciplined and able to incorporate a variety of different Eastern and Western therapies into the same treatment program to achieve optimal outcomes. This means that you have the financial advantage of not seeing different providers, on different days, at different locations. Licensed practitioners at Alté View collaborate together on your case to take care of your needs directly, and all at the same time and place.

How Can I Increase the Chances of Success with My Fertility Treatment Program?

By committing to your treatment protocol, staying motivated, and following your therapist's recommendations more closely will make you more likely to succeed in the program and have better outcomes. The patients that seek treatment as a couple are much more likely to achieve their goals when compared to when only one partner receives treatment. The patients that approach the program on a comprehensive level and use a multidisciplinary approach combining our services (ex. nutrition combined with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Pilates, personal training and weight management) are more likely to meet their goals faster. When talking about the success of your fertility program, unfortunately, there is no one-thing-fix-all type of approach; you need to "nourish" your body and mind and also resolve any underlying issues that may be preventing you from successfully achieving your goals. It may sound like too much work, but it doesn't have to be. Don't worry, your fertility program doesn't have to take over your life - every little additional positive change you make is better than no change at all! We will work with you and set relevant, realistic goals to help improve your chances of success at your pace.


How Long Will it Take for Me to Conceive?

While no one, including us at Alté View, can guarantee you getting pregnant following your enrollment into a fertility program, the research clearly shows that there are a wide variety of factors that can help enhance male and female fertility and impact one's ability to conceive. A patient's motivation, commitment and adherence to their therapists' recommendations and suggestions play a crucial role in the final outcome. We are here to provide support and professional guidance, but the outcomes depend on you and your specific physiology. While some couples following our fertility program were able to get pregnant within weeks of their initial visit, others took much longer to conceive. But, if both partners are invested in their fertility program, it may take on average about six to twelve months to conceive. While our patients can mix and match any of our services and attend as many sessions as frequently as they like, the most success is seen with patients that commit to a 12-week fertility program that offers personalized case analysis, weekly nutrition counseling, educational materials and unlimited email support. Be patient, supportive, stay positive and believe in your success! In the end, you may be surprised how making some small lifestyle changes and other modifications recommended by your therapists can dramatically improve your fertility and your ability to conceive, both natural or via ART.

Does Alté View Accept Insurance?

Alté View is an Out-Of-Network provider, which means that we accept insurance but are not bound by certain contracted restraints that In-Network clinics have. These In-Network contract limitations reduce reimbursement for the provider, forcing them to see a high volume of patients and spend less time with each person. Alté View always sees one client at a time, which allows us much more flexibility in the amount of time spent on each individual's care. To find out what your Out-Of-Network Nutrition or Acupuncture benefits are, you can contact your insurance company directly. If you have Out-Of-Network benefits, we can provide you with a monthly superbill with your billing information, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Should I Still Call Alté View If I Only Have In-Network Benefits or No Insurance at All?

Alté View will be able to work with a financial plan that is fair and reasonable for the quality of care that you deserve. Even if you don't have Out-Of-Network insurance benefits, we can arrange a custom plan that allows you to afford our private, specialized services. Every patient is looked at individually, so please call us directly and ask how we can help you.


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